Kids and Dish Soap

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What happens at your house when you think your kids are being good?  At my house it usually consists of doing something they really shouldn’t.  The opposite is true too. If I think they’re getting in to things, they’re usually just playing with their toys. 
Here’s a good example.  Earlier this week I had been cleaning up randomly throughout the house, so I was never in one room for very long. I had put a load of dishes in the sink to soak, and then continued picking up every where else. At one point the Princesses, all 3 of them, pulled their chairs over to the sink to play in the water. I didn’t mind, as long as they weren’t making a huge mess. There were no knives in the sink so I knew they couldn’t hurt themselves. After awhile they went back downstairs. I eventually headed that way to take care of some items and finish going through the closet of handed down girls clothes as well. Here’s how it went:

Me “Why is the floor wet?”
Princess V “Because our feet our wet. We’re telling the truth!”
Me “Ok, I’m glad you’re telling the truth, but why are your feet wet?”
Princess V “It’s the blue soap”
Me “What blue soap”
Princess V “You know the blue soap”
Me “where is the blue soap now?”
Princess C “I’ll get it!”  She then runs across the toy room to bring me the empty bottle of Liquid Dish Soap.  The bottle that I had recently just opened and started using, that had been pracitically full earlier that morning.

It was then I noticed the blue streaks down the walls and doors, and the sticky footprints all over the basement vinyl flooring. I was at a loss. I knew right away if I used a wet towel it would just suds and get nothing accomplished. So I grabbed a roll of paper towels and got up as much as I could. It looked pretty clean, so I went over it with a slightly damp towel – bad idea. There was still quite a bit and it got all sudsy. 
My next idea was to reach out to my mom friends.  One said she would use cat litter to soak it up and then just sweep it up.  Now that I realized was brilliant! Problem is we don’t have cats, and I really didn’t want to pack 3 kids up to go buy some. Instead I used some red craft sand. I should’ve let it soak longer, but it still worked pretty well. Once I got that swept up I went over the whole floor with my steam mop
It still feels funny to me down there, so later today I will go over it again with the steam mop. 
So after learning from my mistakes, here’s a quick outline for you incase you ever run into the same sticky, gooey, sudsy mess.
Cleaning liquid dish soap off vinyl flooring:
-Pick up as much as you can with DRY paper towels.
-Use something like cat litter, or craft sand to soak up the rest. Let it sit for 20-30minutes to really soak it up.
– Go over the floor with a mop

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