Kids and Doors {Think About It}

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I never promised this meme would always be deep thinking. 
With that in mind, I give you what was on my mind yesterday.
(pun so not intended)
 Kids and doors.
Have you ever noticed how many times a day you ask your child to “Close that Door” or “Leave the Door Open!”
Think About It!
Now that it’s spring, and the weather is perfect – not too cold, not too hot, just perfect – we have found ourselves outside most days. Kids always tend to forget something inside, or leave something out. So they seem constantly running in and out of the house.
There are bugs outside. I don’t want bugs inside. So I find myself often reminding the kids to shut the door behind them.  They always seem to forget though. I guess the excitement of playing in sunshine is just too much to remember a door. Or perhaps it’s easier to just leave it open, because they know they’ll be running in and out.
That then leaves me questioning other doors they leave open….like the bathroom.
Think About It!
Do your kids leave the bathroom door open?  I admit, we weren’t that great as new parents. Staying home alone with the kids, I would often leave it open, so I could hear them as babies, afraid to leave them alone for longer than 2 seconds. But I’m better now. Why aren’t they?  Why in the world do my kids need to go potty with the door wide open?  
For that matter, why do they need to make it a group gathering as well?  My girls easily fit the stereotype that females go to the bathroom in groups – it’s like they just can’t stand being away from each other for that long.  But when not in the bathroom they can’t wait to get away from each other.  What is it about the bathroom that brings my kids together?  I’ll probably never know. I just wish they would “SHUT THE DOOR!!”
Of course, then there are the doors, and times I want them to LEAVE IT OPEN!
Think About It!
Doesn’t it make you crazy, when the kids are really quiet, and you go searching just to find they’ve hidden behind a closed door with a permanent marker?
Drives me batty!  Of course I know why they’ve shut their bedroom door, I just wish they wouldn’t.  In fact I tell them often, they can’t shut the bedroom door. I give you 3 reasons why the bedroom door should not be shut
  1. The three girls share that room. No one can be kicked out.
  2. I need to be able to hear them
  3. Someone’s fingers are bound to be slammed in it.
There is only one time they can shut their bedroom door, and that is when they are getting dressed. But of course it’s the one time the door is never shut. 

Think About It!  Do you battle the doors being opened and closed?

Do you have a solution?


One thought on “Kids and Doors {Think About It}”

  1. 1. The bathroom is a fascinating place for kids, especially if you are the younger sib still figuring out how to go potty. It's like this exclusive club for "big" kids. Do you think it helped Princess R?
    2. I think you've hit it on the head: Kids leave doors open because doors get in the way when they are in a hurry between "here" and "there". They are an impediment in a child's day. That would hold true for the bathroom door as well as the door to the outside.
    3. You would make bucketloads of cash if you invented a "kid" door (similar to a pet door) that didn't bang like a screen door. :o)

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