When the Kids Stay Home Sick, but Still Want to Learn + Target and Pfizer Giveaway

When kids stay home sick, but still want to learn - stock up on these essentials from Target. ad

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We have been truly lucky this year with minimum sicknesses finding their way into our home. So what happens when a kid does stay home sick, but they are bummed about missing school? You find the good!

When kids stay home sick, but still want to learn - stock up on these essentials from Target. ad

That’s just what happened about mid-January around here. Rosie has a frequent occurrence of waking up with “a tummy ache” a “headache” and general “not feeling good” symptoms. I often send her to school anyways because I’m a mean mom that knows when she’s trying to fool me. Last month was different, though. She truly wasn’t feeling good, so we let her stay home to avoid spreading any illnesses around the school. 

About 2 hours into our day she turns to me and says “I miss knowledge.” Confused by what she meant, and trying to hide a smile at just how silly it sounded, I asked her to clarify. The poor girl wanted to be at school, learning with her friends and growing smarter. 

When kids stay home sick, but still want to learn, have workbooks on hand!

I pulled out our Sick Basket in hopes something in there would entertain her while I got some work done, but she was adamant that she still get some learning done. Thank goodness Target has everything we need, and I was prepared for just such a day. I gave her some Children’s Advil to reduce the low-grade fever and help her head stop hurting. 

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keep kids learning when they stay home sick with these items from Target. ad With her headache minimized we pulled out our awesome workbooks. Target has a great book and activity section next to the electronics. I love picking up the Big Workbook’s, and it definitely came in handy for this knowledge craving little girls. I also suggest picking up a good sick day movie, and Target has some great Cartwheel offers on 20th Century Fox videos right now as well!

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Personally, I can’t think of a better sick day movie than The Peanuts Movie. With Charlie Brown, the eternal optimist, your day just can’t go wrong. 

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31 thoughts on “When the Kids Stay Home Sick, but Still Want to Learn + Target and Pfizer Giveaway

  1. I am a firm believer that kids learn a lot through play and even educational tv. So we try to incorporate restful play into sick days and let them watch tv during the day which is a big treat!

  2. TV programming nowadays can be so educational that being off from school can be as much of a learning experience as school.

  3. reading a good book, or watching a nature program is a good way to make the day still educational without being too hard on a sick person

  4. We read every night to our son but if he’s not feeling well, missing a day of knowledge isn’t a big deal, I’d rather him get sleep.

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