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Kimochis – Toys with feelings inside.
These are my new favorite stuffed toy! If you have kids, you know how fast those stuffed animals pile up. Then you start wondering how often your kids play with them. You want to get rid of them, but you find your just as attached as your kids (OK maybe it’s just me, lol). 
Kimochis are one stuffed toy you will all be attached to, and your kids will continuously play with. Each Kimochis comes with feelings tucked into a little pouch.  These toys can help you teach your children about different their different feelings.
Our feelings I think are one of the hardest things to figure out, and then express to others.  Even as an adult I sometimes struggle communicating just what I’m feeling.
Having a Kimochis to guide your child in what they are feeling is an amazing new tool for parents, and fun toy for kids.
We received Kimochis Cloud for review. Tucked inside his pouch were the feelings Happy, Sad and Mad.  Having these little plush feelings has led to many discussions, especially with Princess V (5years old) in how to express her feelings. Tantrums have become few and further between as she now can tell us what she is feeling. Instead of throwing a fit, she tells us
“I’m sad”
“I’m mad!”
We still get tears, and some meltdowns, but we are better able to understand how she is feeling, and what may be causing her to feel that way. Our home has been much more pleasant since Cloud became part of our family.

Princess V absolutely loves Cloud! She even insists on sleeping with him every night. One night this came in very useful. Princess V woke up and was scared of having bad dreams. So we pretended Cloud was a “dream” Cloud. We put on his happy face, and talked about happy things Cloud could help Princess V dream of. When she woke up in the morning, Princess V was very excited to tell me about the Princesses she dreamed of thanks to Cloud!

You can purchase your own Kimochis by visiting their website HERE
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*I was provided with a product for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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