Kindness Begins with Me and Mompacts Summer Spirit of Giving #SSGiving

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I want to be kind to everyone, for that is right you see. 

So I say to myself, “Remember this: Kindness begins with me”

These are the words to a children’s song I grew up singing many Sundays. Words that have had a great impact on my life. Whether through the example of others kindness, or feeling it myself as I try to show kindness, I know without a doubt that kindness has to begin with me. I can’t let it end when it reaches me. 

Through many trials, I’ve always been blessed by the kindness of others. Some moments were large that brought me to tears, others were a simple gesture or smile that let me know I was visible. One particular rough spot had me in tears as I thanked a very dear friend for her kindness to our family that truly meant the world to me. Being such a good friend I felt I could open up to her, and tell her how often I felt disappointed that I was getting the help when I’d rather be giving the help. 

She told me “One day you’ll be in a position where you can do the helping.” It helped me accept others kindness easier, and look for ways that I could bless people’s lives in small and simple ways, before I could financially help in larger ways. Since then I’ve come up with a number of small kindnesses to share. 
My particular favorite way to spread some cheer to others is with “Sunshine”. I’ve sent a couple “Sunshine Boxes” off to friends I knew needed a pick me up, but recently started thinking my neighborhood could use some pick me ups too. People right here who I don’t even know could use some Sunshine too. So I created these Sunshine cards. A quick simple idea really, but one I’m hoping will spread the cheer around. 
The idea behind a Sunshine Box is to send a bunch of yellow items to brighten someones day. The Sunshine Card is similar but on a smaller scale. I may find a number of things to attach to these cards as I leave them around town; things like chapstick, quarters or Boogie Wipes.

Speaking of Boogie Wipes – the Mompact community has put together a Summer of Giving event going on right now! This is a great time to spread a little sunshine to your friends! You can nominate yourself, a friend, or even a preschool to receive a gift from the Mompact Giving Tree. No need to wait for the holidays to spread some cheer, because Mompact and their awesome Mom centered Companies are doing it right now!

I have already nominated one of my dear friends for a tag on the tree, and then signed up to be notified when the tags are live so I can pick and fulfill one as well.

Summer Spirit of Giving Event
When: Nominate someone TODAY!
Who: Anyone and Everyone with a Kind heart. 

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