Kitchen Faucet Upgrade

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Back in April, on one of the first nights in our new home, I came across a great giveaway! Hosted by Krista at Heavenly Savings, she was giving away a Pfister Faucet.  We didn’t particularly like our current faucet, and so I entered. Never in a million years did I believe I would actually win that giveaway! So about a week later, when our faucet sprung an unfixable leak, we went ahead and upgraded.  Shortly after that, Krista sent me an email letting me know I had won the Pfister Faucet!  I was beyond shocked, and figured it had to be Murphy’s Law, since we already got a pretty nice faucet.
It was close to Mothers Day, and I decided the Pfister Faucet would make the perfect gift for my mom. See last summer (2010) I was caring for my grandma at my parents while they went on a month long vacation. While they were gone, their faucet sprung a leak, but it was fixable. Unfortunately I, nor my parents neighbor, were the best fix it people to call. We did manage to fix the leak, but at the expense of switching the hot and cold, and losing part of the faucet (not important, but it looked kind of ugly). Take note of the picture below, by the faucet’s handle.

I was pretty sad, and felt that I “broke”, my parents faucet. So when I had the chance to give them a new faucet (yes they continued to use this one for the next year after it’s uglification), I could hardly contain my excitement.  I waited, and waited and waited some more. When no faucet showed up, I contacted Krista at Heavenly Savings to see if there was a problem with the shipment.  She was sad to hear I had not yet received the faucet and got to work on it immediately! After months of back and forth between myself and Krista, and Krista and Pfister, I finally received the beautiful new faucet a couple weeks ago! I am so grateful to Krista for not giving up, and making sure her sponsor fulfilled their end of the deal. She truly knows what it takes to be a good blogger, and how to connect with her readers.
OH you, want to see the new faucet?  I gave my parents the faucet as a very late mothers day and fathers day gift. An on time birthday gift for my dad, and an early Christmas gift for the house.

Please, go check out Heavenly Savings for all her current giveaways, and the many deals she is always posting! Let’s show an amazing blogger some blogging love!
(and thanks Krista, winning this faucet addicted me just a tad to blog giveaways for good! Turns out even the simplest of us have a chance of winning some amazing prizes.)

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Faucet Upgrade

  1. Oh, so it took a lot of weeks before you got your faucet. Well, it’s certainly worth the wait because it gives your mother's kitchen a new look, and I’m sure that made your mom very happy. 🙂

  2. The new black faucet complements the kitchen sink beautifully. How is your kitchen sink doing so far, Adelina? I hope you haven’t had any problems with clogs and all that. It’s the most common kitchen problem among homeowners. When it comes to that, I bet you know how to unclog a sink, right?

  3. Wow, Krista really must really love her readers for giving away that amazing black faucet. It’s a nice gesture to give it to your mom. It sure did made her kitchen more beautiful. I’m sure she was very happy to have received such a beautiful gift from you. =)

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