Kitchen Remodeling Update

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Mark has been working hard on our kitchen remodel, and has gotten quite a bit done. Saturday my dad and brother came up and leant a hand.  Sunday, Mark took a break for Christmas, but he has hardly left the kitchen since. Here’s some pictures to update you on our progress!

Mark putting the new support beam in

Dad and Uncle C ripping the old support beams out.  They were attached pretty darn good.

When Mark dropped a piece of the Shop Vac under the kitchen floor, Princess V made a very brave attempt to recover it. She made it just under the floor, before fear won over. We were very proud of her attempt. Mark had to cut more of the floor out, and shimmy himself and a broom under there.

Starting to lay the new flooring so the pantry could be framed.

Pantry framed, and putting up sheetrock

Tearing up the rest of the top layer of flooring, so we can lay down the new stuff!
I’m headed off now to offer assistance in laying the new stuff down.  We opted out of bamboo flooring for a number of reasons. It required additional layers underneath, and there was none in stock at the stores.  I let Mark make the decision, and he chose a vinyl flooring styled to look like bamboo. It’s not the normal big sheets of vinyl, but rather interlocking panels.  I’m quite excited to help with this part of the remodel! I’ll have new pictures tomorrow! 

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodeling Update

  1. Good Luck with the flooring! I would never put any kind of wood in a kitchen anyway. I know too many people who have had water damage on wood. You'll be so excited when it's finished!! It's so nice having a "new" kitchen. I'll be glad when our addition is done. I was gonna post "update" pictures soon, too! Don't you love handy husbands?

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