Know Me Better 1/12

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This is a meme I participated in last year, and really enjoyed. Kathy from I am a Reader Not A Writer ask 5 questions each week. You can answer in the comments, or link up your answers to her post
I hope you all will enjoy getting to know me better.

1. Where is your favorite spot to read? My ideal place would be either by a fireplace, or in a sunny window seat. Until I set up some nice reading spots in those places though, my reading is done either in my bed, or in the car at the school pick up line.
2.Are you a fast or slow reader? (you can test your reading speed here) According to the staples test, I read 303 words/minute.  21% faster than the national average. A normal adult reading speed.
3. Fanfiction – Love it or Hate it? Have your ever read/written it? I’ve never read any fanfiction
4. Summer or Winter? That’s a tough one. I love playing in the snow, and curling up by a warm fire. I don’t like the bitter cold, that doesn’t let you step foot outside without freezing your limbs off. I enjoy summer sunshine, but by the same token as winter, I don’t care for the heat that keeps you inside and unable to do anything fun in the sun. Personally I’ll go for spring or fall.

5. Truth or Dare?  Depends who I’m playing with. I enjoy a good dare, but I’m also not going to do anything stupid or dangerous. So if I can assume a dare would be one of those two things, I’ll stick to truth.

2 thoughts on “Know Me Better 1/12

  1. I like reading in my car too. I am usually early for many meet ups with friends/family so I find myself waiting in the car for a few minutes. It's great to have a book with me during these times.

    My KMB

  2. A sunny window! I hadn't thought of that. But I think a rainy window would be even better. The sun won't hurt your eyes by glaring off the pages, and you get the soft patter of rain on the window.

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