LDS General Conference Saturday morning Recap #LDSconf

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I just love the beginning of October, because it means I get to listen to my church leaders in a General Conference broadcast to throughout the world. It is always an uplifting and humbling experience as I write notes on the bits that really stuck out to me, and had meaning for my exact situation in life. 
Anyone listening to conference with an open heart ready to be taught something inspiring, will not be disappointed. And great news, the whole thing (along with past conferences) can be found online at
This is just what I came away with, along with some meme’s that were made from many of the talks. I hope something here resonates with you, and you will leave Home Maid Simple feeling a little bit better than you did when you stopped by.
From Elder Hales, I was left with this bit of inspiration – I need to make a mental list of things in my life I can perfect, and then I need to GO TO WORK to better my life. 
Sister Carole M Stephens really had my thoughts turning back on the different roles of men and women. I’ve touched on this topic and what it means in my life before with my Why I Wear A Dress to Church post. I know this is a hot topic in the world, but what I got out of her talk was that if we begin to mix our genders divine roles, we will soon eliminate the need for families, an eternal aspect of our Heavenly Fathers plan.  Being equal does not mean we are exactly the same, it means we respect each other equally and take on the needs individually for our families. 
 Alright, have you all seen Kid President? Someone posted on twitter that Kid President is Elder Dube in 20 years, and it just made me laugh. Elder Dube was so enthusiastic and just full of life and hope!  He said so so many good things, but one that really stuck out was that we should: 

“Look ahead and believe. Stand close together and lift where you stand”

 It reminded me of the part in Finding Nemo where the fish all have to work together in a close environment to get out of the fisher men’s nets.  Together we can do amazing things, and having hope in the future is key!

Elder Bednar spoke directly to me when he spoke about being grateful for the things we have.  It is something I am working hard on teaching my kids, and I realize I need to work on myself a bit more.

Just how content are you?  I know I could be a little bit more content. I do have quite a bit to be thankful for. I think we’ll be pulling this back out as Thanksgiving comes closer. 
Elder Uchtdorf is a favorite among many LDS members to listen to at conference. His accent and fun stories pull you into everything he has to say. I even drew a little picture in my notes during his talk, when he spoke of an acorn growing into an oak tree. 
You all know I have a thirst for learning. I wish there was a way I could go back to school that wouldn’t put us into more debt, or take time away from me being with the kids. So I ask questions. I do my own reading and research so I can continue to learn. 
Reader Camille sent me this image she created Saturday during Conference, and I felt it just spread the sunshine I felt, and the reason we have conference. It’s to gather together to hear messages from a Loving Father and His Son. 
OH dear I haven’t even touched on so much of conference!  So I’m going to split this into a 4 part series. I hope you’ll join me back next week for part 2, Saturday Afternoon talks. Until then, I hope you can remember who you are, honestly seek truths so that you can become an oak of understanding, and look around at all you have to be grateful for. 
What talks were your favorites?

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