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Immerse your kids in French with Whistlefritz

About a month ago I introduced you to Whistlefritz and their immersion program through song and dance. My kids still love to turn on our Allons Danser! music and dance around while singing along in French. I loved it so much, I wanted to add to the excitement and get the DVD to go along with it
Not surprisingly, my kids enjoy the DVD even more than the CD. Why? It is more interactive, and helps them correlate the words they’ve been singing with a visual of what it actually is. Simple things like Bonjour, with a wave of the hand and now they understand that it means Hello!

Isn’t that fun? I love seeing Prince L join in as well, just by watching his sisters. They really are learning a lot, and hopefully will be able to have simple conversations in French with their cousins by the end of the summer.

I truly believe learning another language can benefit anyone. Whether you’re a young child, or an adult, there are benefits to learning a new language. As a child, it helps expand your mind to learning and knowledge. As an adult, you will have more opportunities to work with worldwide companies. If you want to travel, you can do so comfortably knowing you can get around in another language.

It’s not all just about benefits though, learning a language can be just plain fun too. After a few rounds of Whistlefritz, we went back to watching some Disney movies – like Frozen. Well, one of the first screens that come up on our Blu-Ray is the language option. My kids begged to watch it in French. Well, why not I said. We’ve done it a few times now, and I have to admit, it’s helping bring back a lot of my French skills, and is teaching my kids new words too. Since they have the whole movie memorized in English, translating it from French is becoming easier for them. However, their favorite line from the French version is the most similar to English


Watching well loved movies in another language is a great way to get your kids and maybe even yourself, excited about learning another language. Some of my favorite films are foreign – The Scarlet Pimpernel and Cyrano De Bergerac. 
Do you have a favorite Foreign Film?

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