Learning to Live Without and Save Money

It is possible to live without, save money, and still find joy.

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Sometimes I look at my life, and I wonder, how do I do it? How have we continued to make it despite the constant struggle for employment that will cover the cost of living? I’ve been reflecting on that as we begin a new adventure in a city that is literally close to everything you could ever want. The answer for us has been simple

Live Without.

You Don’t NEED things. You can live without, and still survive. People do it all the time around the world. There are of course a few basics every human should have – food, clothes, shelter. After that, though, the rest is just to add comfort and adventure to our life. The great news is, you can find comfort and adventure without spending a fortune. In fact, you can get those things while saving money at the same time!

So I’m here today to tell you how you can save money, and learn to live without, while still enjoying life.

Skip the Treats.
This is probably the biggest for us. When it comes to our grocery budget I’m tight. Very tight! People are always asking me how I manage to feed us with our limited budget, and most of the time I honestly don’t even know. One thing though is we skip the desserts and treats. Periodically we indulge, but they are not common in our home. If we have treats, it’s most likely homemade from scratch, like my apple pie burritos.

Free Entertainment.
One thing I love to do is find free entertainment. When you’re living on a budget, memberships to gyms, museums.and zoos just aren’t going to happen. So instead, we walk around our local farmers market, take in some free concerts in the park, and get out in nature. Mostly, though, we enjoy hanging out in the backyard, finding new bugs, and swinging on the tree swing.

Money saving apps.
Then there are the apps. I love Checkout51 and Ibotta the most. The key to using these apps is not to let it sucker you into buying extra things just to get the money back. Just like coupons, I only use them if it’s something I’m already buying. So I may not have high returns, but every little bit adds up.

Giving Assistant.
A new favorite discovery of mine, is Giving Assistant. After living in North Dakota I finally caved to buying more things online out of necessity. With Giving Assistant, I can do my online shopping through places like Amazon (my personal fave!); get cash back, AND donate to charity! You can choose how much of the cash back you get and how much goes to charity.
Now besides shopping my favorite site, I noticed they also have a deal with Thred Up. I’ve never personally used ThredUp, but I know it’s a way to save money on clothes. What makes that better, oh just getting cash back by shopping through Giving Assistant.


What have you learned to live without? How do you save money?

3 thoughts on “Learning to Live Without and Save Money

  1. I love this post so much. I am so focused on living without this year so I can get ahead and I have to get creative. I grew up living without and my mom was very creative- just have to motivate myself.

    1. You can do it JAime! If you ever need to run some ideas past me, feel free to reach out! It’s quite amazing, when we start looking around our life, just how much we live with that we don’t actually need.

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