Learning to Walk with a Juppy

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When Princess C was learning to walk, we had a middle of the night emergency scare. Before bed Mark and I had been helping her walk between us. I don’t remember how exactly it happened, but we had been holding on to her hands, and I think she began to fall, and a quick jerk was given to catch her. It resulted in something called Nurse Maids Elbow. She began crying, so we thought maybe she had just had enough of walking. But after trying to get her to sleep, and her constantly crying, I noticed she wasn’t moving her arm. As any good mom, I freaked out, and told Mark I was taking her to the ER. A simple twist of the arm and elbow, and she was suddenly fine.
Over time, it continued to happen, and we quickly learned when teaching our kids to walk we had to hold them under the armpits, not by the hands.
Because of this incident, I am really cautious about how we hold our kids.  Especially while learning to walk, holding under the arms was the only way, but it was also quite uncomfortable for us and them. Bending over, trying to hold them up straight, it was pretty exhausting.

I was so excited to get the Juppy Baby Walker!  It takes the awkwardness out of helping kids to walk. Plus, it doesn’t put any pull on their arms, anywhere! No elbow pulling, or even under arm pulling! I think it’s got to be my favorite feature of the Juppy!  Prince L likes it too.

See in the bottom left there? He still isn’t so sure about bearing his own weight. It’s much more fun to bounce up and down! So for now, I’m calling this our portable Johnny Jump Up. (Another product I absolutely love, and so have all the kids.)
That’s OK though, because now I can let Prince L jump safely with the Juppy!  And eventually, as he gets used to putting his feet on the ground, this will be a lot of fun to take to parks, and while visiting family over the holidays! Especially over the holidays! We usually visit my family, and packing for 6 for a couple days, can get pretty bulky. The Juppy is lightweight – 8oz – and can fold up pretty compact.

This one goes way back. Back to before I was born, or possible when I was just a newborn. My older brother was in one of those old school walkers with the wheels. Someone was pushing him around outside on the sidewalk. When my mom pulled him out, his toes were all bloody! Obviously, those walkers weren’t meant for pushing your child around in, but it happened anyways. That story alone has scared me away from ever using those with my kids.

A few things I didn’t like –
 – For Prince L, I felt we could have done without the back zipper, but I can see it being needed for older, larger kids.
 – I didn’t really care of the make of the carrying case. It is silk, but also kind of stiff. It just doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the product.

Overall though, I’d say the Juppy is the safe and natural way for kids to learn to walk, while saving moms back and baby’s elbows and toes.

The original Juppy is on sale for $19.95 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
This sale is to make room for the new Juppy Momentum.
Curious as to the difference? The Momentum has been improved with velcro straps over the zipper for extra security, and more comfortable straps for the parent to hold.

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