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My kids LOVE LEGO’s. I can’t even begin to share just how much they love building with these classic blocks. 

LEGO love

You know what else my kids love? Their own space. This year Mark and I have focused on creating a bit of a sanctuary for each of the kids. Some place they can go to that’s just for them. We started with Venice, being the oldest and in the most need of her own place, and bought her a desk. Mark then built a desk for Chloe, and Rosalina got lucky when our neighbor decided to downsize and gave us an old school desk and stool she had. 

Having a desk and place to sit gives them space to work, color, read, and yes build with their LEGO’s. When I saw that Santoki, LLC was teaming up with LEGO to make specialized stationary – yeah I may have got a bit excited. My kids are going to FLIP over these fun building sets that will fit perfectly in their “corners”. 

LEGO and Santoki Stationary #LEGOStationary ad The collection includes a colorful assortment of pencils, erasers, pens, markers, journals, organizers and buildable rulers. So the kids can build while they learn and create. My benefit? The rest of the LEGO’s can be kept in the treasure box instead of being scattered between 3 corners. Win win for everyone!

LEGO Stationary from Santoki, LLC #LEGOStationary ad

Want to check it out? If you’re in the Louisville area next week June 3-5, Santoki will have an activity area set up during LEGO KidsFest where you can try out the products. Not in the Louisville area? The LEGO Stationary is available at  Barnes & Noble, LEGOLAND California Resort, Legoland Florida Resort, all LEGO Discovery Centers and Boxed Lunch! 

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