Lessons learned from a roll of old film

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Simplicity. Joy. Family. Childhood. Fresh Air

Do you know the beauty of taking pictures with a film camera? The surprise. You never know if the shot turned out like you hoped, or not.

Pictures don't always turn out like you expect. Neither does life

I found some film that I’d forgotten to develop a few years ago, and have wrapped myself up in remembering this time with my kids. 4 years ago, fall by the look of the trees, when we only had the 3 girls.

Simplicity. Joy. Family. Childhood. Fresh Air
I’m trying to take the essence out of these pictures and put them back into my daily life.
Simplicity. Joy. Family. Childhood. Fresh Air. 


Blankets on the grass, so simple to do. You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy this bonding time with your kids. I’ve forgotten to do this the more crazy and busy our life became. It’s time to return.

It starts with a smile, and joy grows in your heart. Let it consume you, and push the trials away. There is no better feeling in the world then one of Joy. 
There is nothing more important than family. Spend time with them. Connect with them. Love them. You can check out our family blog at The Greene Grass Grows.

Childhood is going down a slide

Could there be anything more childlike than going down a slide? Let yourself live in the moment, take the slide, ride the swing, and get dizzy on a spinner. 
Take a deep breath of Fresh Air. BREATHE.
Don’t forget to breathe, and take it all in. Get out of the house. Enjoy the air. Breathe. One thing I often tell my kids when they run into a problem, is to breathe. Take a deep breath. It just makes you feel better. 
Simplicity. Joy. Family. Childhood. Fresh Air

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