Lincoln in Theaters Today! {Date Night}

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It’s Friday Night Date Night!
In an effort to date my husband more, I’ll be bringing date night ideas to you each week! 
Tonight, Lincoln, the new Steven Spielberg movie, is open in theaters. I have been waiting all summer for this movie!!!  We would be at the theater tonight, except we have other things going on this week.
Here’s my idea though, and if you’re headed out to see Lincoln this weekend, you can use these to make the night a little more special
Dress Code!
Ladies – curl your hair in ringlets and pull back into a net. Then dust off those hoop skirts! (or borrow one, or wear your fanciest dress you own)

Guys – pull out those suits, vests and pocket watches! If you have a top hat, wear that as well.

If you’re doing dinner before the movie, find somewhere that has a good cornbread, and enjoy civil war fare.  Or whip up your own batch of cornbread and Lemonade.

Then head on out and enjoy the show!  I’m hoping we can sneak away for a bit next weekend for our own date night.

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