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Get Organized with List Plan It

Do you love lists? I do. Unfortunately I tend to make a list and forget it, or continuously add to it, never getting anything crossed off. I also always feel like I’m forgetting something on my list, and that’s not helpful if you’re list isn’t complete.
Today I found this great website! has Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order.  Browsing through all their different lists would take all day!  They’ve got Back to School Planners, Christmas lists, cleaning lists, gardening lists, moving lists, and hundreds more! If you’re a list lover, you’ll want to check out this website!
They even have eplanners! From baby to meals, school memories to travel planners. You can even make your own Custom Pages!  For a 1 year membership, it only costs $20 just to be able to print any lists you want!  Want more than that? for $30/year you can download the lists to your computer!
I really think this is going to become a great tool in my home organization.

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