Little Prince’s 3rd Birthday

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April is our big birthday month. We started the month with Prince L turning 3. Such a big boy, he has really started to show more personality, and become independent.  We thought about inviting some friends and heading out to a park, but decided on a quiet evening at home instead.

We forgot to sing our traditional Heavy Heavy Hangover song, but little Prince didn’t forget so he bonked himself on the head. 

Presents are so exciting aren’t they? 
His very own Hot Wheel tracks from Nana and Opah were probably the highlight of his day. The next 2 or so hours were spent racing cars with sisters. 
The new bike was second favorite. He’s still not sure about it after the initial joy – his legs are a tad short still, and well it’s just easier to keep up with sisters on his push bike. We may have to hide the push bike to encourage this one more.
He ended his perfect day in his new sleeping bag. As you can see we don’t always need to go all out. Simple parties, with just family can end with just as big, and sometimes bigger smiles, then when we go all out. 
Since turning 3, little Prince has been potty training with mighty success. Night time training was a breeze – in fact he did that all on his own. It feels so weird to be potty training a child without another baby in my arms, but it’s also quite freeing. He’s such a happy kid, I’m enjoying every day with him. 

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