Little Remedies, Little Fevers Review and Giveaway

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Get ready for a new fever fighting product for kids! Little Remedies has come out with a new product Little Fevers for Infants and Little Fevers for Children. Although this product features some new aspects to the Little Remedies medicine, such as dye and gluten free, my favorite feature is the new dosing bottle.
You know how you used to stick the syringe into the bottle trying to guesstimate the right dosage only to pull it out, covered in medicine, and either too full or not full enough? No longer! A new top on the bottle allows you to insert just the tip of the syringe, tip the bottle upside down and get an accurate dosage on the first try!

With school starting we had to get Princess V ‘s shots updated. Sadly she did develop a slight fever and pain at the injection site. I was really excited to try out Little Remedies for children. grape flavor. Little Fevers Children’s comes with a dosing cup, and the syringe top. Even with the top designed for a syringe, it poured easily into the cup. Princess V wasn’t so sure about this though. It wasn’t red which to her meant it wasn’t cherry flavored. I did get her to take it after some coaxing, but she complained it tasted a little sour. However, it did bring her fever down and her arms got better faster.
A few days later Princess R started teething some back teeth, and was pretty miserable, she was starting to develop a small fever as well. So I pulled out the Little Fevers infants! Like I said before, I loved the syringe top! It was so easy to use, and completely mess free! Princess R took the Little Fevers just fine, and soon was back to her normal self

With the new syringe top, Little Remedies Little Fevers is my new choice in fever/pain reducer for my childrens. We just may need to try the cherry flavor instead of grape for the older kids.

Be ready to fight fevers this School Season with your own Little Remedies Little Fevers for Children and Infants. Enter the Rafflecopter Form below to WIN!

*I was provided with the product for review. All opinions are my own and my childrens.

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