Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You by Ann LeFevre

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It’s time to start living your life. If you feel yourself in a rut, and not sure who you are anymore, you’ll want to check out Live Your Life by Ann Lefevre. I received a copy for review. All opinions are my own.


About Live Your Life

Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You is a transformative resource for exposing your mental blocks and building a bridge to success. Through daily lessons and easy-to-follow action items, Dr. LeFevre will guide you along the path of self-discovery, growth, and acceptance. 
In Live Your Life, you’ll discover: 
  • How to pinpoint your sources of dissatisfaction and enact meaningful change 
  • How to acquire new skills in the pursuit of your goals 
  • How to reframe your story through the lens of compassion 
  • How to manage stressors and reduce the risk of stress-induced health issues 
  • How to create a strategy for taking your life to the next level, and more! 

About Ann Lefevre

Dr Ann Lefevre

Dr Ann Lefevre is a Licensed Clinical Socal Worker, Certified Massage Therapist, and a Certified Acupressurist. SHe is the founder of Restore Body and Soul, a health and wellness enterprise designed to meet the therapeutic needs of the whole person using research-backed Western and time-tested Eastern techniques. Restore Body and Soul offers counseling for concerns such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD, as well as therapeutic and acupressure massage. 

After working as a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years, Dr Lefevre has decided to share a series of lessons in her book, Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You. These lessons have inspired countless clients to take control of their lives, manage stress naturally and holistically, enjoy lives filled with meaning and value, and to start living the lives they always dreamed of.

My thoughts on Live Your Life

Absolutely loved this book! If you are looking for a self-help type book, this is the one I would recommend. I’ve read a lot of good books to guide me through different aspects of life, but this one came at the perfect time for me. 

I often find myself rushing through life. From one “have to get this done” to the next. This is not how this book is meant to be. There was a day or two in the 14 days that I could have skipped. Areas I didn’t feel I needed to work on in my life, but I chose to really embrace her steps. So rather than skipping them, or rushing through it, I took time every day to read Ann’s words and then think about them. 

Here’s what I’ve come away doing after reading Live Your Life:  I now am more conscious of and try harder to up my water intake. I found a new hobby to pursue. I have become aware of the negative thoughts I tell myself which makes it easier to push those thoughts away. 

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