A look back through 2011

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This last year has been amazing. I knew I had made some resolutions at the beginning of 2011, but I couldn’t remember them exactly.  So here’s a look back to that post, and what I accomplished.

Goal 1: Home Organization.  How did I do? I personally feel very accomplished with this goal. My organizing skills far exceed what they use to, and I have more ideas every day of ways I could be more organized. I had 12 posts this last year that dealt with some kind of organization. Here’s a sampling

Goal 2: Lose 10 pounds.  I did indeed! It was about all I lost, I was right about to my personal ideal size, when baby #4 hopped on board. I ended 2011 about the same size I began it. However, I don’t mind, because I love having babies!
Goal 3: Exercise more and make better food choices. The first half of the year was great! I did a no sigar diet, and worked hard to get back in shape. The second half of the year wasn’t as great. Being pregnant I lost the energy to exercise, besides chasing around the 3 Princesses. I feel my food choices are still good, and better than what they use to be. I eat more veggies and fruits, and do better at offering those choices to my family more as well.
Goal 4: Run at least 2 races. I ran 1, but it was a good one!  I spent my birthday running a 5k with my 2 sisters. It was one of their first races ever, and I was so happy she chose to run with me!
Goal 5: Buy our first home! Accomplished! We love owning our own home, despite the trials it has put us through in a short 9 months.
I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!  Here are my simple goals for this New Year
Continue Organizing and get the rest of the family on board
Create routines that we can all stick to
Improve my domestic skills in the kitchen and with sewing.
Run 1 race this year
I hope you all look forward to this New Year. In lines with what a friend posted on facebook, I’d like to encourage you all to not Hope for a better year, but Make it a better year. You choose to make your year good or bad. Take the clutter, the floods, and the termites in your life in stride. Find the silver lining, and use it step up. 
May you all  have a blessed and happy new year!

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