A Love Story

Where did your love story start? Share with ProFlowers! #ad

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Marriage. To have and to hold. Through sickness and health. Through good times and bad. These are promises that can extend one Love Story for years to come.

Where did your love story start? Share with ProFlowers! #ad

I met this boy. I laughed and enjoyed his company. My head tilted to the side as we got to know each other, and the look from my eyes told him I was the one he wanted. As we left the party for our mutual friend’s birthday, he shared a desire to see me again. 

In hopes I would see him by way of his friend, I exclaimed “You’d better”, then hopped in my parents truck and drove off. 

A week or so later, he had my phone number and began asking me out. The 2-hour distance between us didn’t matter. I’d visit one weekend, he would visit the next. We talked regularly, and my parents began wondering if they needed to take out a loan to pay for the constant text messaging. 

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We were like high school sweethearts since we went to the same high school – only we weren’t there at the same time and didn’t meet until college. Many of our talks revolved around the same people we knew, and our favorite teachers. There was so many similarities between us, that the look I once gave you, turned into a knowing smile. We could finish each others thoughts, and had the same goals. 

One night as he dropped me off, he braved the weather and declared “I think it’s time we hug.” I agreed, and we embraced. I had never hugged a guy before, and my heart fluttered.

A few more weeks passed. We had known each other for a month, and in a daring move I declared “If you had a ring, would you propose to me tonight?” My thoughts of a romantic proposal were killed by those words. Unable to wait any longer after such a declaration, he pulled out a ring he’d been carrying for I don’t know how long and proposed. 

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Then we kissed. For the first time. He was the first guy I’d ever locked my lips with. I had no idea what I was doing, and he did. So shortly after being proposed to, I received a lesson in how to kiss. Guys – I don’t suggest this. Just kiss her. She’ll eventually figure it out. 

That was 11 years and 4 months ago. 11 years ago today we were married for time and all eternity. We promised our lives to each other. To strengthen the other when they fell, and push along despite the trials that may come our way. And the trials have come. They have not been easy. They have been worth every incredible moment and the 4 amazing children we’ve brought into this world together. 

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9 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. I wanted to go to my first YSA activity. I needed a ride so I asked my RS Pres. If she could help find one. She found some girls in another ward that I could go with. When they arrived there were 3 of them in a Volkswagen bug. With all their luggage and sleeping bags there didn’t seem to be any room for me. They told me there was a second car traveling with them that would be there shortly. When it arrived it was being driven by one guy.
    The guy was hoping to get a date with one of the girls in the Volkswagen. They were all in the same ward so he knew they would put her in his car when they picked me up. The girls had other ideas. They put me in his car. These people were all strangers to me but I rode with him. We traveled from Salt Lake to Aspen Grove near Sundance Resort in Provo Canyon. It took one hour. After riding together and talking we pulled into the parking lot and he said, “so I guess we should get married.” I said yes. We have been happily married for 38 years.

  2. I’m overwhelmed with these stories filled with so much love and started firmly believing in the concept of marriage. Also, these Wedding anniversary flowers/wedding flowers are just so awesome, I’m bowled over by these bouquets of flowers.

  3. All the best for your marriage. May you two live together forever. Loved your love story was completely startled after reading this. May you also post your 50th-anniversary picture, exchanging vows and holding beautiful anniversary flowers.

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