Make 2014 your Stress Free Cleaning Year #NewYearsClean

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The Mr. Clean has started our year off with a bang! Following the biggest party of the year – New Years Eve in Times Square – The Mr Clean Team joined with the New York City Department of Sanitation, the Times Square Alliance and Julie Edelman the “Accidental Housewife” to clean up the party. 
I have to tell you, being a homemaker, and cleaning house after my 4 kids, I’m not sure I’d like to be in charge of cleaning up a party from thousands of crazy happy people.  The Mr Clean team sure made it look fun though – fun enough I wish I had been able to fly out there and help clean. Just check out…and please take note of all that confetti being thrown.

Julie has quite a bit of energy for a midnight cleaning, but I think I would too after such a fun party.  Mr Clean only added to the excitement by introducing their brand new product Mr Clean Liquid Muscle to help clean up last night.  It is now available in mass merchandise stores nationwide!!
I am a huge fan of Mr Clean Magic Erasers. They are my life savers when it comes to cleaning walls in our apartment. I haven’t really seen what else Mr Clean has to offer though, but I’m excited to try out the Liquid Muscle this year. A few awesome facts about Mr Clean Liquid Muscle – 
  • Multi-purpose, multi-surface cleaner with 2.5x more power than the regular Mr Clean formula.
  • Liquid Concentrate for the extra power of cleaning
  • Can be diluted for more general cleaning, without the need to rinse off. Use on floors, counters, sinks, oven, and tabletops. 
Julie Edelman has shared with us these 10 tips to save you time, money and sanity in 2014. Click this link to get the full tips and thoughts from Julie.  After reading Julie’s tips, feel free to print out this summed up version to hang in your cleaning cupboard as a reminder!
Come on, this just looks like they had so much fun!  Let’s work with Mr Clean Liquid Muscle to have an awesome year of clean homes, and stress free living!
Have a Happy 2014 everyone
Check out the fun B-Roll Footage from last nights Cleaning footage. 

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