Making Resolutions the Anti-Nephi-Lehi Way FHE

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Have you made resolution yet? It’s never too late to think about what you’d like to be better at, and put the bad habits behind you. This quick and easy Family Home Evening Idea can be done any time of the year. 
I’m happy to say that just over a year later, and we’ve done pretty well with our buried resolutions. There has definitely been a change for the better in our home. 

Making resolutions the Anti-Nephi-Lehi way

What you’ll need
craft sticks
glass jar with lid

Begin by telling the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies found in Alma 24. I love to dive into the scriptures with the kids, letting them hear the words and language to get familiar with it. With the young ones, though, sometimes reading 1-2 verses and then summarizing the rest will hold their attention longer.

After recounting the story of how the Anti-Nephi-Lehies had a change of heart and buried their swords, discuss ways your family can make changes to become better. What is something you’ve struggled with? Individually or as a whole family. Write these things down on the craft sticks, then place them in the glass jar.

Unlike the story, we are only figuratively burying our swords. To help us remember that we want to change and be better, we placed the jar in the center of our table. It gives us a reminder daily as we gather for meals, games, homework, and crafts.

We ended our FHE with a good old family game of hide-and-seek, to start out a resolution to spend more quality time together.

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