Marie Callender’s – Better than Homemade?

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Would you say Marie Callender’s is better than homemade?  This recent article lists 8 Grocery Store Products that are Better than Homemade (really).  Among the list is Marie Callender’s Frozen Chicken Pot Pie.  So I was contacted and asked whether I thought Marie’s Pot Pies were better than homemade.  What a question!!
This took me on a trip to the grocery store where I purchased a Marie Callender’s Frozen Chicken Pot Pie.  In all honesty, I probably didn’t need to purchase one just to answer this question.  I happen to be a huge fan of pot pies, homemade or store bought.  Something about a good old pot pie is very satisfying.  However, I wanted to make sure I gave an honest opinion, because it had been awhile since buying some of Marie’s Pot Pies.  Oh they had so many choices!!  Should  I choose the classic chicken, perhaps turkey, hold on they even have beef pot pies!!  Oh there were so many choices, but I decided on my personal and all time favorite, the classic Chicken Pot Pie (not to be confused with the Creamy Parmesan Chicken, or the Creamy Mushroom Chicken).
Well, I brought my Chicken Pot Pie home, and had it for lunch the same day. (darn, I took some pictures of the yummy goodness, and now I’ve lost the memory card!).  Imagine with me if you will…a perfectly sized pastry for one. Not too small, but not enough for leftovers.  You take your fork and break through the top of a flaky, not mushy, crust to find warm creamy sauce covering chunks of chicken and vegetables.  Now you place that bite in your mouth, and your whole body relaxes.  That’s what eating a Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie is like for me.  Yum! Seriously, the peas tasted like I had just picked them out of my own garden, that’s how good it was! 
So on to this question…was it better than homemade? I say it depends on who’s cooking.  I’d sure love to sit in Marie’s kicthen while she’s cooking.  It’s probably better than my homemade (which may be why I haven’t made one in about a year…).  I wouldn’t necessarily say it was better than homemade, but most definitely equal to homemade! It tasted homemade itself! 
As a mom one other thing I love about Marie Callender’s Pot Pies (and other products) is that it saves me time in the kitchen.  Have you ever made a pot pie from scratch? That takes a lot of time.  Marie Callender’s saves me the time so I can spend more of it playing with my kids, working on making this place a home, and just enjoying the day.  
*I was compensated by Marie Callenders and The Motherhood for this post, however all thoughts expressed herein are my own.   

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