Master Bathroom Reveal

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I am finally ready to reveal our bathroom makeover. When we purchased our home we didn’t have a single good bathroom. They were both usable, which is all that really mattered, but they needed work. So we decided to start with the Master Bath. Little did we know that we wouldn’t get a chance to use our new bathroom. The following photos were the last thing I got to see in the process, before we moved out and our renters moved in. I assume it is now finished per our renters willingness to install the remaining faucets and trim.

To keep easy access for any guests on the main level we left a door from the hallway into the bathroom. But for ease of use for ourselves as well (and to avoid being caught unawares from wandering midnight children) we also installed a new door into the new Master Bedroom.

As you enter at a slight angle from the hallway we are greeted with this gorgeously deep and perfectly slanted bathtub, surrounded by Jeffrey Court Rocky Canyon Glass Mosaic Tile.  We found the tile on a marvelous sale at our local Home Depot store one day. We thought we had enough, but after remeasuring decided we needed more. Since it was no longer stocked in store (we bought all they had previously), we found it again online. 
Later we hired a contractor to finish everything up and found we again didn’t have quite enough, and had to make another online search and purchase. Thankfully we did find enough to finish it up.
To the left of the tub will sit the toilet and vanity, and to the right is the walk in shower. One of our last days in our home I sat on the edge of the tub and cried a little. Our vision has come so completely together, it was such a beautiful thing to see. 
The simplicity of this sink and vanity really brought the room together for me. I wanted the perfect mirror, so we spent a good week or two going to different home decor stores and searching online. Then one day Mark came home and told me he had a mirror he saw at a yard sale. It was black with a few chips, but he knew I would have fun touching it up to fit the rest of the room. I sure did!  A little Elmer’s wood putty and sand paper fixed the chips, and then some blue spray paint brought in the right color to match the tile around the tub. 
The shower is I think our pride and joy. This used to be a closet in the bedroom, but through a lot of demolition, and rebuilding of walls, we were able to turn it into a shower. And a beautiful shower at that. The Pfister shower head was provided to us by Pfister, and was so easy to install, that if I was a little taller could have done by myself. I was afraid to put a ladder or stool on the new pebble floor, so left it to someone taller. In the corner you can’t see we had installed a handheld shower head as well, giving ample space for everyone to get clean. It was going to work great for washing our dog as well. 
I hope you enjoyed this reveal!  We miss our home immensely, but as a family we are in a much better spot now. Close to work, relative and old friends. We are making this new apartment our home one empty box and decoration at a time.

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  1. It's beautiful! And how nice it would be to have a shower on the ceiling instead of on the wall. Maybe when we remodel in a few years.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Sharefest.

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