May’s Before – the yard

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This month I’m focusing on our yard.  Actually there’s a lot I’ve got to do this month, but I know I can get the yard done, so it’s what I’ll be showing you.
When we bought the house it had this fun two tiered garden circle in the middle of the yard. I personally liked it, but Mark didn’t. So we began tearing it out so we could lay some sod.  Before we got the sod laid, it started to snow, so we had to wait until this year.
We didn’t get right on it either, with all our inside projects going on, so the weeds really started to take over the area as well.
The kids had really taken it over as their “sand” box as well. I’ve had a hard time letting them play outside because they come in just covered in dirt.
We taught Princess V a little lesson in hard work last night as well. She has become very picky with her food, to the point she’ll just refuse to eat, but then ask for treats, and throw major tantrums when she doesn’t get them. So we told her if she ate, she could have a popsicle, if she didn’t she would get to do some hard work with Daddy. Guess what she ended up doing?
Yep, Hard Work!

We’ve got the weeds out, and some sod laid, but we need more than we assumed. I also got some tomatoes planted.
Mark got me some flowers for mothers day that we’ll be planting in the front yard as well. I’m very excited to get out there and get them in the ground.
Hopefully at the end of the month I’ll have a nice bakckyard without a dirt pile to show you. 

3 thoughts on “May’s Before – the yard

  1. I aways neglect the yard in favor of inside projects. I use the excuse that I have a bad back. My kids actually like yard work, punishment to them is putting away their laundry…ha, ha. Good luck with the yard it will be nice when you get the grass filled in… less muddy kids is aways good.

  2. It'll be so nice to have grass back there! Looks like a nice big backyard for your kiddos. I have been working in my yard too and it's so much work, but so gratifying!! (and good exercise!)

    Happy Mothers Day weekend and thanks for linking up to the May party!

  3. What a great idea. My 4 year old won't eat the food on her plate and then throws tantrums when she does not get a cookie etc like her brother and sister. I think I will use what you implemented as a perfect strategy for her.

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