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I’m so excited to be sharing Memories of Mothers with some of my favorite bloggers this week! We’d love for you to join in and link up your Mothers Day posts below. 

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I came across this post on facebook and just love it. I do believe God can actually be everywhere, but there is a special kind of comfort and direction I have always received from my mom. When I feel sad, question things, or have something exciting to share I find myself turning to my Mom.

One thing I remember about my mom is she was always around. Even though there were almost always extra kids underfoot she babysat, and she gave piano lessons to many kids after school – I still remember my mom being present in my childhood. Here are some of the many things I recall my mom did
  • She taught us – There was a time she’d put quotes up on a whiteboard and have us memorize them. As we started coming home with more homework, she made it fun. We’d have timed math lessons that included running laps around the table as we finished a certain amount. 
  • She made our birthday cakes. They weren’t by any means fabulously professional looking cakes, but they were baked with love and care. I recall a ballet themed cake one year when I was really small. 
  • We had tickle fights. With both my parents, but they were a riot with my mom since she is terribly ticklish on her feet. 
  • She values hard work. My mom taught us how to clean, and to value the work that came along with it. I remember every spring break we “spring cleaned” the house. I have memories of us all in the kitchen in various states of cleaning – on top of the counters, inside cupboards, and scooting around a mopped floor on towels to dry it. 
  • I had many friend troubles as a preteen and teen (who doesn’t). My mom was there for every one of them. Encouraging me, letting me cry on her shoulder, listening, and giving sound advice as it was needed. 
  • My mom taught me to play the piano. Although it was never very formal lessons, she took the time to teach me so I could play hymns in church if the need ever arose. 
This Mothers Day I hope you’ll take the time to tell mom how much she means to you. Remember the gifts she’s given you and don’t forget to say “I love you”.


You knew that there was going to have to be some, but I promise we are totally keeping it tame.
1) You don’t have to stick to the theme of “memories of Mother’s Day” if you don’t want to, just as long as you have linked up Mother’s Day themed posts we are happy as clams!
2) Nothing that is controversial, I have no idea how you would manage that with this theme but just throwing that out there.
3) Though you don’t have to run around and comment on everyone’s post we would LOVE you so much if you would hope around to a couple that POP out to you.  If you love it share it, give some love.  NO PRESSURE!
4) HAVE FUN!!!  I can’t wait to start reading all your Mothers Day posts!

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