Mental Health Giveaway Hop

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mental health hop

Mental Health Giveaway Hop
March 20th to 27th
I have to say I was really excited when Kathy announced the Mental Health Giveaway Hop. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I’ve been volunteering with Project HEAL – Utah chapter this year. 
Project HEAL is seeking to raise awareness for Eating Disorders and raise money to help those with an eating disorder get the help they need. I’ve learned quite a bit about eating disorders over this last year. I use to believe eating disorders were a lifestyle choice, but I’ve come to learn different. It is a mental illness, and triggers are different for everyone. For some it may be about weight, for others it’s about control. 
During NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) week I had the opportunity to read Be FreEd by Mallory Faye. Mallory suffered from an eating disorder at a young age. She is now recovered and goes around the country speaking to schools about the risks of eating disorders and helping those struggling to find the help they need. 
Her book relates her story, and gives advice to those struggling. I hope this book will help one of you. Whether you are struggling or someone close to you. 
Read my full review of Be FreED on Kathy’s site.
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