Menu Plan 10/8 Dinner and Snacks

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I totally killed my month of no chocolate over the weekend!  I accidentally bought myself some mini rollos. Then I remembered I was going without chocolate, so I stashed them in my nightstand. Well little miss I can find anything that smells like sugar, even if you’ve never hidden it before, found them and opened them! That was it for me. Those rollos were gone before the end of the day. Saturday came, and we were at my parents watching the LDS General Conference. We always have lots of snacks during this weekend. Without thinking once again, I took those sixlets my mom was offering and ate them, plus the chocolate truffles she had in her fridge. Why mom why?!  So Sunday hit, and I decided the weekend was already doomed, so I grabbed the last piece of ice cream cake with chunks of chocolate from my 6year olds birthday, and ate it all to myself (ok I did share with Princess C a little…). I’m back to no chocolate though. I can make it through the rest of the month, if I plan out my desserts ahead of time.

Monday – Pasta
Tuesday – Hamburger Soup
Wednesday – Chicken and Black Bean Burritos
Thursday – Roasted Vegetable Fritatta
Friday – White Beans with Rice
Saturday – Date night
Sunday – Meatball Sub Casserole

After School Snacks and Desserts
– Zuchinni Bread (recipe coming this friday!)
Apple Cinnamon Scones
– Fruit Pizza
– Snicker Doodles
– Carrot Cake

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