Menu Plan 9/17 and Peach Honey

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I was sitting here looking at the week, and realized I don’t have to cook much! I’m pretty excited to have a slow week of cooking.

Monday – Work social. We’re bringing Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies
Tuesday – Lentil Soup
Wednesday – Breakfast for Dinner. Eggs, Hashbrowns, Pancakes
Thursday – Bacon Stuffed Squash
Friday – Dinner at my parents
Saturday – Princess V’s birthday dinner at Applebee’s

A sister from my church stopped by yesterday with a car full of tomatoes and some yellow squash.  I am really excited to try out Diane’s Bacon Stuffed Squash, and can some tomatoes.  We’re going to attempt some spaghetti sauce and salsa! 
I’ve really gotten into canning this last year, if you haven’t noticed yet.  Having fresh produce al year long is always so nice!  A couple weeks ago I put up some peaches, while learning how to do that I found a recipe to make peach honey from the peels, so I did it!  It is absolutely wonderful, and pretty too.

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan 9/17 and Peach Honey

  1. I put up some apple pie filling a couple weeks ago. I am going to do more this week as well as apple butter. I want to do peaches. I just learned to can and I love it!

    I also love lentil soup. Lentils have such a great taste. Thanks for sharing your menu plan. Enjoy your week!

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