Menu Plan Monday – 4/9

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Well, it’s another crazy meal week here. Planning meals for some is hard enough, but planning when you don’t know how your week is going to turn out is even harder!  If you haven’t been able to tell, we have not had Baby Prince yet. He was due last Wednesday on the 4th, but he’s still hanging out in my ever growing belly.  However, today I believe will be the day! I have an appointment to go see my OB this morning, and we should be scheduling the hospital for later this afternoon, when Mark is off work.  My mom picked up the Princesses last Saturday and will have them until this coming Friday, so I don’t have to worry about food for them – just Mark and I. 
Here’s a somewhat Meal Schedule for us this week.
Monday – hospital food
Tuesday – hospital food (Nice romantic dinner provided by the hospital!)
Wednesday – posisbly hospital food, or a Freezer Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday – Frozen Pot Stickers (store bought)
Friday – Freezer Bean Burritos from Martha Stewart
Sunday – ?
I have no energy to think a full week ahead right now.  I may try and put up a chicken enchilada today before going to the hospital, and that will give us one more freezer meal.
I also have a wonderful Visiting Teacher (sisters from my church that visit me monthly) that has promised to bring me dinner one night when we’re home as well. 
So what’s on your menu this week?  What do you do for meals when you have no idea where you’ll be during the week?

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – 4/9

  1. I relied a lot on frozen stuff after my last baby—storebought and homemade. I was so glad we had a few meals in the freezer!

    When I'm low on dinner plans, I often turn to pasta. It's so fast and easy and comforting.

    Best of luck with the new baby!

  2. At least you are prepared with all your frozen meals. He could be eating fast food your kind. Good luck today. My prays are with you for a gentle delivery.

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