Menu Plan Monday

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Welcome to Monday! As I get our home more organized, and have less boxes to unpack, I am trying to organize the simple things in life.  Things like meals.  I showed you the menu planner my friend made a couple weeks ago, and it’s now time to start using it! 
Saturday we got a Bountiful Baskets. So I went through all the fruit and veggies we got, and tried to make our meal plan off of those. Here’s what I came up with
Monday – Baked potatoes, steamed broccoli
Tuesday – Sapghetti, salad and biscuits
Wednesday – Meatloaf, salad
Thursday – Fend for your self. Myself and the kids will be out of town.
Friday – Chalupa. This is what my family calls chalupa, not what most people think when they hear chalupa. I’ll post the recipe friday!
Saturday – Grilled Chicken and mango salad´╗┐

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