Menu Plan Monday 7/2

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We had a crazy fun week last week. Mark’s parents were in town, so instead of cooking, we ate out every single night. It was definitely a treat for us, though it did get us a bit off our normal schedule.  The kids didn’t eat as well as they normally do, although Princess V ate better than she normally does – go figure.
I did some major grocery shopping with my mother in law. I don’t think we’ll need to go to the store anytime soon. We had to take the ice box out of the freezer to fit all the food in it, and we had to get a little creative in the pantry.  I’d share some pictures, but we’re out of town now, and I didn’t bring the camera.
Here’s what we’ll be eating this week
Monday – family dinner at my parents. Possibly hot dogs at the baseball game.
Tuesday – Pork Chops
Wednesday – BBQ
Thursday – Chicken and pasta
Friday – Macaroni and Cheese
Saturday – leftovers
Sunday – crock pot pork and veggies
We’ve invited my parents and siblings up for the 4th of July.  I’ve got some fun ideas for a BBQ that I think everyone will enjoy, thanks to pinterest.

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