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Lola Granola. Study snacks

Guess what?! I passed my first class! After 8 years of not taking any formal classes, when my first final came up, I was beyond nervous. One of the wonderful things about going to school at WGU, is that it’s all online, including my tests.

The tests are proctored by webcam, but I still get to schedule it to fit into my time. So to make sure I had a completely distraction free zone, I scheduled my test for 10:30pm. The kids would be sleeping, and Mark would be home just in case they woke up.

The problem I ran into, was staying awake. You guys, I seriously almost fell asleep mid test! Not cool. But it turned out OK, because I passed! YAY, one class down, many more to go.

Seeing as how I do most of my studying at night, and will probably take my tests then as well – I really needed a way to stay awake. So I’ve been snacking a ton. I’ve tried hard to avoid eating past 9, but if I’m going to go to school, then I need the energy. Instead of turning to chocolate, ice cream, and candy – I’m trying to be a little more healthy with my snacks.

This parfait you guys! So yummy!  I got a bunch of Lola Granola bars, but found the honey in it to be a bit overpowering. There’s so much goodness in them though, with honey as the only sweetener, they are also gluten free, and non GMO. I decided to try toning down the honey a bit though in a parfait, and it was perfect. However, if you really like honey, you’ll enjoy these bars just plain.

Lola Parfait
Your favorite yogurt
Lola Granola: The Ruby
Pomegranate arils

Layer the yogurt, crumbled granola bar, and pomegranate arils. Enjoy. The Ruby Lola bar has the perfect blend with cranberries and almonds that really adds to this parfait.

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What are your favorite late night snacks? Help keep me awake!!

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