Morning Meditation: a routine to start your day

morning meditation: a routine to start your day in the right mental state

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Morning meditation: a routine to start your day in the right mental state.

Not everyone is a morning person, and sometimes even morning people need a little help to get going with their day. These tips for creating a morning meditation routine will help start your day on the right foot.

Some people talk about drinking coffee in the morning, as the only thing that can wake them up. You see memes, jokes, and merchandise with phrases similar to “it’s not morning until I’ve had my coffee.”

That’s never been a part of my life. I don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcohol. While it is a principle my church teaches, it is also a personal choice I have decided to make. Being co-dependent on a substance just doesn’t align with the way I try to live.

So instead, I like to start my days with a bit of morning meditation. As my favorite podcaster (Come Follow Me for Us) does, I love looking up the definition of words to get a clear grasp on their meaning.

What is Meditation?

According to the Oxford Dictionary to meditate means to “think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.” or “to think deeply or carefully about (something)” or “plan mentally; consider“.

So in essence, meditation can be look just about however you want it to. Not everyone will meditate or think deeply the same way, or about the same things. I go more in depth on to the why and how of meditation in another post. Here I want to focus on the benefits of meditating in the morning.

Morning Meditation

Starting our day out right, can really be what makes or breaks us. If we get up with a bad attitude, it’s hard to change it as the day progresses. But if we get up with an attitude of success and courage to face whatever comes, we generally have a better day – even if things don’t go as planned.

As the definition of meditate suggests, starting your morning out by carefully planning out and thinking through your day, will give you a jump start to a positive mental state. Then when things don’t go as you planned, you will have prepared mentally for the outcome and can adjust.

30 minutes earlier

start your day 30 minutes earlier

The kids are home for the summer, and all you want to do is finally sleep in. Don’t. Set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier than when you plan on getting the kids up.

This extra 30 minutes will give you time to breathe. I do some of my best thinking in a still quiet house. Once anyone else gets up though, that time is lost to the noise of having 5 kids vying for my attention.

This 30 minutes of a still home allows the setting to be made for successful meditation

Set the Mood

morning meditation needs to have the right mood set

With a quiet home, you may think you’re ready to meditate. However, if you get up and are trying to stare out a window but there’s dirty dishes filling the sink. Or you are sitting in your comfortable chair, but the room around you is covered in toys, blankets, shoes, clutter. Your mind will not be able to focus.

Every night, gather the family for a quick pick up of the house before bed. After dinner, have the family help clean up all the dishes. This is not just your responsibility, but there’s as well. Together, you can set the mood for the next day. Make it part of your nightly routine. These 10 ways to simplify your morning routine will make morning meditation easier.

Get Outside and Breathe Fresh Air

get outside and breathe fresh air

Clearing the visual clutter is not always successful in a house full of kids. So on really nice days, I try to get out to the porch. Depending on the season I will take a mug of hot cocoa, or cool glass of juice with me. I sit on the steps, and breathe in the fresh air of a world beginning to wake.

Homes make great shelter, but the outside world is full of fresh air our bodies need. Breathing deeply the first morning air. When a night of sleep has allowed the dust and grime of the day to settle down, helps open your mind. Your brain will thrive on this air, and your thinking will feel fresh.

Morning meditation will look different for everyone. Find what works for you.

Morning Meditation does not mean you need to go learn some fancy yoga moves, and contort your body into odd shapes. It does not mean you need to find some spiritual center – though I highly recommend reading The Book of Mormon during your morning meditation.

All you really need, is a little bit of quiet time, and a clear mind. Now go enjoy your summer vacation with the kids. Clear your mind, and let the fun roll.

10 thoughts on “Morning Meditation: a routine to start your day

  1. With me, half an hour meditation before I sleep and half an hour meditation before I start work really sets me up and I feel energetic and calmer.

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