Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker on Tour! + Discount Tickets

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I love love love the ballet! When I was 3 I remember my mom taking me to see a performance (either Swan Lake or The Nutcracker). Since I was only 3 they weren’t going to allow me in, but my Mom convinced the teller that I would be perfectly quiet, and possibly better than some of the others there – so they let me in!

I was sold on the beauty. While I wanted to take lessons, I knew I would never dance professionally. When my oldest turned 3 however, I got her into dance classes. She has grown into a beautiful young lady, and truly has the perfect dancers body. She loves dancing, and it is during her classes I see her really shine with a smile on her face that’s hard to come by most days.

When I heard Moscow Ballet’s Great Russion Nutcracker would be going on tour this fall, and that we lived close enough to one of the performances, I’ve been a bit stalkerish, lol. This is something I would love to take all my girls to, but for the sake of the audience, will probably be just the oldest and myself going.

The production includes over 200 costumes and 10 foot tall playful animal puppets! There’s a life sized Matrushka Doll – the nesting dollw – and a puppet show that shadows the Nutcracker Story at the opening Chrismas Party. The really cool part I’ve never seen, a golden cannon shoots roses out during the battle between the Nutcracker and the Rat Kind. Finally in Act II there is a “Dove of Peace” with a 20 foot wingspan with 2 dancers on each wing.

I seriously can not wait for November 28th to roll around! Find the full tour schedule here.

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  1. The “Moscow Ballet’s” is Gorgeous! Fabulous! I recommended it to everyone! Excellent rendition after the first scene at the ball which was only fair. This production was different from others because it featured a great many children who were recruited from the neighborhood dancing schools and were delightful. Featured dancers were divine and the costumes did not disappoint.

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