My Baby Prince is 1

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Exactly one year ago today, I had just finished a major crying take pity on me episode in my doctors office. I was closing in on a week past my due date, and I was miserable. I was done, and I wanted my baby in my arms. My doctor must have taken pity on this crazy pregnant women, because only seconds before he was very closed to the idea of getting things started the way I KNEW and WANTED it to happen. *For the first time in my life, I realized crying actually works*

I don’t do needles unless absolutely necessary, and I don’t do Pitocin because my body goes into shock. I do things almost completely naturally. The one problem I have is that my water never ever breaks on it’s own. Finally convinced that I needed this to happen RIGHT NOW, he sent me over to the hospital, and said he’d be there in a few hours. Hey, at least things were rolling along.

3 hours and a little after my water was broke, I was holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms. After 3 girls, I still couldn’t believe this little boy was ours. We’ve had our ups and downs, and plenty of learning curves with a boy over the past year, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

A few highlights from Prince L’s first year:

  • at 1 week old our basement flooded. My first day at home alone with all 4 kids. We also found out this day Daddy would be changing jobs.
  • at almost 3 months old we gave you a baby blessing at the LDS church.
  • You took your first road trip at 3 months old to beautiful Washington. You didn’t much like the car seat or long drive.
  • At 4 months old we moved homes, from northern Utah to south/central Utah.  It’s been quite the weather change, but you love being outdoors, so it works.
  • Without my consent, at 8months old Daddy gave you your first haircut.  It was an almost immediate change from brown to blonde as well.
  • At 9 months you had your first chest x-ray to decide if your concave chest (pectus excavatum) would be causing any problems. You look good.
  • At 9 months I also began feeding you anything and everything under the sun to try and put on some pounds. You didn’t gain much from 6 months to 9months, and it worried mommy (still does). Looks like you’re just going to be another fast metabolism little guy like your sisters Princess V and R.
  • At 11 months your sister pulled you down the stairs (of which you’ve been climbing too early for my liking), and you bit through your top gums. We believe this aided in your top teeth coming in so soon.
  • We began weaning to a bottle full time at 11 months due to your top and bottom teeth breaking through. You and I enjoy our time together so much more now.
  • Shortly before your first birthday, you were mentioned (not pictured) in the local newspaper with your sisters at an Easter Egg Hunt.

The time has gone by too fast, and now my little Prince is 1 years old. No longer a cuddly baby, but a growing, eating, climbing, screaming, handsome little man. Everyone says he looks just like Dad – but to me he’s his own person, with his own little personality. I don’t know if we’ll have any more kids, so for now I’m enjoying every moment, every cuddle, every hour of sleep you let me have.

Just do me a favor, and don’t start climbing out of your crib yet, I’m not ready for that!

5 thoughts on “My Baby Prince is 1

  1. Happiest of birthday wishes to your little man! Boy a year sure does go by fast. Here's to many many more!
    Blessings, Angie

  2. Happy Birthday Little Prince! So cute! I am glad he doesn't have any problems with the concave chest! Praise God 😉

    Mine is now 10 months, it went by so fast!

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