The New Year

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Welcome 2011!!
With the arrival of 2011 I’ve been thinking of what I want to do with my life, where I want to be going, who I want to be.  So I’ve decided to make a few changes to this blog.  It will no longer just be about my home organization and design.  I will be posting recipes, exercises, personal goals and accomplishments, giveaways and still continue to share my home organization and designs with you.  
So what do I want to accomplish this year?  A lot.
1. Home Organization (still my number 1!)
2.  I want to lose 10 lbs.  It’s not a big number, but I know it’s something I can accomplish.
3. Coinciding with #2 I want to be healthier in exercise and food choices.
4. I want to run in at least 2 races this year
5. Buy our first home.  
These really aren’t in any particular order, as they all have significance to me.  #5 is especially exciting.  For 5 years we have been renting, or living with family.  We are finally ready to purchase our very first home.  I posted awhile back about the home we put an offer on.  We’re still waiting to hear back from them.  If we do get that home, there is going to be so much to post on here!  It needs a lot of updating and personal touches to it, that I am already excited about doing.  I know I know, I need to be patient, our offer hasn’t even been accepted, but I like to dream.
#3 and #4 come from my past actually.  In high school I ran cross country. I was never the best, but I loved running.  After going off to college and getting married and having kids, I put running and exercise on the back burner.  No longer.  I ran a 4miler at the end of 2010, and although it was rough, I enjoyed every minute of it! I want to set a good example of health for my children, so they know how important health is to a happy life.
I hope the New Year finds you all in good health and spirit.  May your 2011 be a good one!!  

2 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. This is all awesome Adelina! I too was much more athletic before marriage and kids. I would really love to start swimming again and join an adult softball team. Start bike riding and even run some! That along with eating better. I hope you can reach all your goals.

  2. Hey Adelina, why don't you drag Mark with you when you run? I'm sure the girls won't mind…oops, maybe that won't work. Anyway, see if you can get Mark a little healthy too. I really, really like your ideas.

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