Nina the Neighborhood Ninja by Sonia Panigraphy

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja by Sonia Panigrpahy

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Nina the Neighborhood Ninja by Sonia Panigrpahy

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja is a creative and take-charge kind of little girl who is smart, strong and speedy. Fiona the Firefly is her loyal and trusty sidekick. She uses her brain and her muscles to complete the rescue missions. She doesn’t mind getting dirty and climbing trees. It’s all part of the life of the everyday girl superhero. 

Through her teamwork and bravery, Nina and Fiona spend a typical day boldly rescuing animals in trouble: a baby bird fallen from its nest, a cat left out in the rain, and just when Nina thinks her work is done, she is called to action again! 

My Thoughts on Nina the Neighborhood Ninja

We loved this book. It’s colorful artwork and storyline has been a great source of conversation with my 6-year-old girl every time we read it. Her first question was  “Why is she called a ninja mom? She doesn’t fight bad guys or do karate like ninjas.” 

That’s true, Nina doesn’t fight any bad guys in the sense we normally think of. So we talked about what a Ninja stands for. They do good. They save people – or in the case of Nina, animals – and they don’t worry about themselves. In this book, Nina did all that. She didn’t save anyone from bad guys, but rather tough situations. Situations my girls can find themselves or others in on probably a daily basis if they truly look. 

In the book, Nina is given a type of mantra. It is reiterated throughout the book, and at the very end turns it on the reader/listeners. Are you smart? Are you strong? Are you speedy? YES! 

Give your kids a mantra to start the new year off on a strong note. Buy Nina the Neighborhood Ninja on Amazon.  

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