No Holes in 2014

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I’m hoping I’m not the only one, but I tend to put myself last when getting clothes and things that technically I actually need. So this year I decided one of my goals would be to fix my wardrobe.

I’ve been wearing holey jeans for over a year now, and recently some of the holes have become unacceptably too large (granted maybe wearing holes is never acceptable), and some holes showed up in places other than the knee.

Take care of your needs this year, and stop wearing holey jeans!

When I earned a little extra money at the start of January I decided some of it would go to new pants for me. So this Saturday I’m heading out with Mark’s sister to shop for some pants, and then we’re going to catch Austenland together. I’m really excited for this girls night, because it is also something I almost never do – maybe once a year I ask for a night out with friends.

Saturday can not come soon enough though!  So here I am browsing online for cute clothes. Maybe I’ll have some better idea of what I want if I browse online first right?  I really kind of like these flower jeans Nicole from Wyoming Girl turned Coastie Wife found, but I don’t know if I could pull off a printed denim.  I’ll for sure be looking to try some on though while I’m out!

 How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop
Image from Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife

I’ve also never really been a Skinny Jeans girl, but I am loving the colors from these pants at Hannah Jane Boutique. Something about the Winter Mint is speaking to me.  I just know my biggest problem will be matching it with a good top.  Probably worth it though, since these are under $20!!! I won’t spend more than $20 on any clothing item, just an fyi for you.

Winter mint skinny jeans from Hannah Jane Boutique $16.99
I’ll be honest I’m not finding a lot of trends I want to follow when it comes to pants for 2014 – holes? fringe? bling?  I’m willing to try on some skinny jeans, and cute small prints like the flowers, but I think I’m going to stick with my good old regular boot cut, unadorned jeans for the most part.
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  1. I'm in the same boat as you. 🙂 I discovered a hole in my favorite pair of jeans this week … and it's not in the knee. How does that even happen? Hope you found a cute pair.

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