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Everything you need for a successful Hot Chocolate Bar. ad

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This Hot Chocolate Bar was made possible by Nonni’s. All opinions are 100% my own. 

It’s just not winter without at least one hot chocolate bar. This year we had ours during Thanksgiving, however, it’s so easy to put together you can do it any day of the week for any reason you feel like it! 

Everything you need for a successful Hot Chocolate Bar. ad

When the high is 29F but the “feels like” temp is 9F, you know it’s time for some hot chocolate! Of course everyone likes their cocoa a little differently. That’s what makes a hot chocolate bar the perfect accompaniment for entertaining – whether it be adults or children. 

So what do you need to make the perfect hot chocolate bar? Something for everyone, of course. I start with slow cooker recipe for the actual hot chocolate. Use your favorite recipe, or store bought packets, and whip it up in the slow cooker. This makes it easy to keep hot, and serve with a ladle.

Make a Hot Chocolate Bar with Nonni's Biscotti. ad

Here’s a list of what else I add, to make the perfect spread for all to enjoy. 

Those are the basics. From there you can truly become creative. Add crushed peppermints, chocolate chips, or more! I discovered Nonni’s Biscotti last year, and fell in love. It’s far from the hard non-chewable biscotti I’ve tried in the past. With Nonni’s you get a nice crunch, that then melts in your mouth. They are perfect for dipping in hot chocolate, and the kids absolutely love them. Yes I hid half my boxes just so they wouldn’t clean me out before our next hot chocolate night!

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Right now you can get Nonni’s seasonal Biscotti, which truly are perfect for a hot chocolate bar. Flavors include Gingerbread, Dark Chocolate Pumpkin, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, and Pumpkin Spice. There really is something for everyone with these dippers. My personal favorite right now is the Dark Chocolate Pumpkin. Yummy!

Everything you need for the perfect Hot chocolate Bar. ad

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