Upcycling an Old Fence Into a Hat Rack

Upcycle an old fence into a hat rack. ad

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Any little boy will love this hat rack upcycled from an old fence. I received product for review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click on and make a purchase through them. 

Upcycle an old fence into a hat rack. ad Lincoln has started amassing a bit of a hat collection. Around the time Harold was born, my Dad sent him a coon skin hat after a trip to the Davy Crockett Museum. On our family vacation to Illinois we picked him up a stovepipe hat at Lincoln’s home in Springfield. Then of course he has his ball caps, robot head, and Astronaut Helmet. 

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After spending a lot of time trying to organize and clean up his room, it was apparent that he needed a hat rack! I proposed the idea to Mark, who is my go to awesome build anything hubby. 

Upcycle an old fence into a hat rack. ad With the idea and plan in mind, I then picked some fancy looking hooks from Abodent. Abodent specializes in vintage style hooks and knobs, and while based in Bristol, they ship internationally! The Porch Coat Hook was exactly what I had envisioned. Hats, dress ups, coats, and medals will all look nice hanging from these hooks. 

Check out the Cupboard knobs and Coat Hooks from Abodent.

While I was looking for the hardware, Mark got to work on the actual hat rack. We’ve been collecting old fencing from neighbors and family over the past year or so (our dining room table is all old fencing!), so we had all the wood we needed on hand.

The fence top and old nail holes give this hat rack a vintage style that matches the vintage style hooks. 

Upcycle an old fence into a hat rack. ad Lincoln and I spent a bit of one on one time whitewashing the hat rack. While it dried, we headed to the hardware store for some hanging supplies. Finally, we got this little project hung up, and put to use. Eventually, I see LEGO creations, and maybe a trophy or two gracing that top shelf. I’m sure the hats will change over the years, but this is a timeless piece that will last a lifetime.

Upcycle an old fence into a hat rack. ad  

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