One copper vase – Many uses

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To be honest I don’t even know what to call this particular item. It’s had many uses in our home. It’s a piece that I love. If you’ve been around here awhile, you may remember when I picked it up. It was about 1 year ago, at a yard sale, for about 50 cents!  What a steal!!

Originally I used it as a flower vase. We had so many beautiful Irises, and I just love having fresh flowers in the house. Once winter hit though, there were no more flowers going in it, and it sat empty.
My design process-ees started going, and it ended up as a very stylish bathroom trash can.
(I won’t share a picture of that….)
With our recent move, it has once again served another purpose
kids umbrella holder! I love how easy it is now for the kids to come in and place wet umbrellas in this “vase”. It keeps the drips off the carpet, and they always know where their umbrella is.
We love playing in the rain, so this has been quite the helpful home made storage.

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