One Room Challenge: The Everything Room

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I’m so excited to be sharing my One Room Challenge with you all this month. Each week I’ll give you a little peek into what I’ve been doing to make our Family Room/Everything Room the best place it can be. 
There’s 6 of us in this house, and I’ve come to realize that 3 bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room and 1 family/living space is a bit cramped. We use this space for family relaxing, chatting with visitors, and folding laundry. 
As much as I would love just one extra room to split those activities apart, I don’t have it. So it’s time to work with what I have, and really make it a fun place, right? The following pictures may be overwhelming…but by November 12th it’s going to be a world of difference!

Yeah, that makes me feel almost too exposed! This is the first room people see coming into my home, and I need it to look better than this! We’ve already started redoing this room, but it has a ways to go still – obviously!

A week ago that was my bookshelf – eeee! Frightening really. As my dear sister in law described it, the “college styled” bookshelf had to go! Mark built me a fantastic wooden window seat/bookshelf. It holds all the books plus some more, and provides extra seating in the room. I’ll be making a cushion to go on top this month, for a little more color and comfort. 
It’s been a long time since we’ve owned a new couch. When we moved here I decided it was high time we had a nice couch that actually fit in the space we had. I fell in love with this charcoal piece, and it fit so perfectly. Everyone loves sitting here. The space above needed some art though. I’ve got an old painting from my college art days that I’ll be use to teach you how to stretch your own canvas painting for hanging. 
Finally, the big elephant in the room – we have 2 pianos! Very recently we paid off our used upright. It was our Christmas present to ourselves 3 years ago. Recently Mark had an idea to turn an old baby ground piano into a bookshelf. So we managed to acquire one for absolutely FREE! 
The problem? While the company was going to throw out this baby grand, there’s really not that much wrong with it – so instead of turning it into a bookshelf, we’re toying with the idea of having it tuned and fixed up. Until that happens though, we’re hanging onto both pianos! AHH! 
Thanks to Calling It Home for hosting this One Room Challenge!
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6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: The Everything Room

  1. In my experience, unless the piano is completely falling apart, it’s so worth it to maintain them. You could have it re-finished (or do it yourself, and share it to Pinterest!) and sell it, or keep it and pass one along to your children when they get their own home! My in-laws gave us their old upright piano, and it is so sentimental for my husband. We love it!

    1. Agreed Jenn! They are worth it – we just really don’t have the space for 2 pianos. I am toying with the idea of painting one of them. What a nice present from your in-laws!

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