Outdoor Living Spaces to Last the Whole Year Through

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Summertime brings a greater desire to be outside and spend time in our yards. Saturdays mornings are spent at home improvement stores and the afternoons are spent working on our many projects to make our yards a place to show off. But depending on where you live, these days quickly end and we are forced back inside, unable to enjoy our hard work until the backyard season returns. Here are some ideas for summer projects that can help you take advantage of your outdoor living space all year round!

Tips for creating an outdoor living space that will last all year long.

Fire Pit

Whether you are roasting marshmallows under the stars or keeping warm on a crisp fall night, a fire pit is a perfect addition that will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Build it with seating options around such as stone, wood, or plastic benches. There is the option for a good, old fashion fire or you can make it natural gas fueled. The latter will give you the benefits of a fire without making you and all your guests smell like smoke every time you want to do some roasting.


Grilling Caddy

If you are a master of the grill, you probably want to be able to continue to show off your skills even when the weather cools down. Consider building a grilling caddy to keep your favorite grilling necessities close to the cooking station but safe from the elements. It can be used to store your tools, favorite seasonings, and even platters. Put wheels on the bottom for added ease of transport should you take your grilling to another location.

Water Features

Garden fountains are great additions to any yard that can add a sense of serenity and calm. Even if you are not able to use them in winter months, they can still add to the beauty of your yard. In the warmer months, misters are great to hang around decks, patios and anywhere else seating is available for a refreshing cool down.


Outdoor Pizza Oven

What better way to expand the culinary opportunities in your yard than to build your own outdoor pizza oven. These can be made from brick or stone. During the summer months, you can bake a pizza without heating up the house and during the winter, the fire is still covered, so you can continue to enjoy wood fired pizza year round regardless of poor weather.

Waterproof TVs

Whether you want to host an outdoor movie night or watch the big game without the fear of spilling salsa on the couch, waterproof TVs can give you the edge to be the most popular backyard on the street. Mount the TV on the outside of the house or create a weather resistant entertainment center to help add another level of protection for your technology. You might even consider mounting the TV into a window opening and using a cover to keep the television protected when not in use.  Waterproof TVs are made to withstand even the worst rain and snowstorms.

Glow in the Dark Planters

Potted plants can help you add variety to the foliage you may already have in your yard. One fun way to mix it up is to paint the planters with glow in the dark paint. This will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the plants in the daylight and as the sun goes down, your yard transforms with glowing night lights. You can even paint designs on the planters, creating patterns throughout your yard.

Rope Lighting

Especially once it starts to get darker earlier, you will want have lights set up to find your way safely through your yard. Use rope lighting to line paths in your yard or around your garden areas. These can be protected through waterproofing and can even be put on timers to keep your yard lit at the optimal times year round!

The summer is more than half way over, but there is still plenty of time to get these projects into place before the weather takes a turn for the cooler. In the end, you will spend more time admiring your creations and have plenty of opportunities to have friends and family over to show off your hard work. If you need more encouragement, as this article explains, these types of projects also increase the value of your home. So what are you waiting for? You have work to do!
About the Author: Alyssa Craig is a Salt Lake City native who loves hiking in the mountains, running, frozen yogurt, and quick wit. She is a professional writer and loves perusing the many posts in the blogosphere. In her free time, you can find her escaping the world on her hammock, or wathcing re-runs of “Friends”. 


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