Outdoor Patio Set Redo – Creating a Work Zone near my kids

reupholster patio seating

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When we decided to rent this house before actually seeing it in person, one of the biggest sale points for me was the fenced in backyard and attached deck. The vision was real – a workplace outdoors where I could enjoy the sounds of nature and let the kids play in a safe area that wouldn’t make my heart pump with anxiety.

We moved in on July 1st, and I started looking for a good patio set. We happened across a yard sale one saturday and found this 2 seater set for only $18. I had to double check with the owner that I wasn’t reading the price upside down and he really wanted $81. Nope $18 was correct! There was no way I could leave this behind, it was perfect!

The first step in redoing this set was picking out colors. The whole family came with me to our trusty Walmart, and together we picked out a nice Dark Purple spray paint. There’s an excess of bugs around these parts, so we wanted a fun color, but not one that would attract the bees. After the purple was chosen, I found this pretty damask upholstery fabric on sale too! There was just enough left for our seats. 

While the paint dried on the chairs and table frame, we got to work on the seat cushions. The original seats were so old, there was no salvageable parts. I picked up precut wood rounds from Menards, and the padding from Walmart.

How to Reupholster patio seats. 

What you need:
Wood Rounds
1-2inch foam padding
hot glue
staple gun with staples

Use the wood rounds to trace a circle on the foam padding. Using a razor blade, or sharp knife, carefully cut around the padding. Lay the padding on back side of fabric. I used a permanent marker to measure straight out and leave dots around the seat. I gave myself a good 2 inches extra fabric to attach to the underside.
Connect the dots, then cut our the fabric. Place padding on the center of fabric, then wood round on top of the padding. At this point it is great to have a second pair of hands helping out. Really push down on the wood as you pull the fabric around, and attach in place with the hot glue. Now the fabric is attached, give it a second go around with the staple gun. Between the two, bugs and inclement weather should be kept out of the seat.

I now have a fantastic colorful work zone outside! It’s also going to be a great place to relax with friends while the kids run around outside. If you’re ever in the area and want to join me on the patio, come on by!
When I’m not using the table, I’ve found the kids enjoying it too. This week they were building bubble castles. My vision has come to life, and is now updated to see many many family memories being made around it. 
Do you have an outdoor space to enjoy?

10 thoughts on “Outdoor Patio Set Redo – Creating a Work Zone near my kids

    1. Thanks, Brett! It’s very tough when you don’t have the space to work where they are. Having this has helped me get out and enjoy more fresh air too – something I think I don’t do enough when I get caught up in all the work.

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