Pantry Remodel and Termites?!

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Yeah you read that right! We’re redoing the “pantry” and turning it into a real pantry with lots of shelves and doors! 
Oh the second part? Yeah you read that right too! We found termites, and turns out we’ll be getting a whole new dining room, not just a pantry!!  I’m pooped, and exhausted so enjoy the pics. 

Original “pantry”, before demolition.
Beginning demolition, with Daddy’s little helper.

Old pantry removed, ready to start on the wall.

Termites found, construction came to a quick halt.

3 thoughts on “Pantry Remodel and Termites?!

  1. The description below one of your photos about termites halting construction speaks volumes. Although the discovery must not have been pleasant, at least, you have a plan of action.

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