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For awhile now I’ve been wanting to put together some “business” cards (I’m not really a business, but I talk to so many people about my blog!) to hand out when I start talking about Home Maid Simple. I have yet to get those business cards, but I found another company to help me in promoting and “branding” myself.
logo has many items that can be personalized for any occasion.  At first the name threw me off. I figured it was just a bunch of pens, but it’s NOT!  
Although they do have many pens, and many different styles of pens, they also sell key chains, mugs, office supplies and bags!  And everything can be personalized.
One of the things I loved about the PenFactory is that the more you buy, the lower the price per item gets.
The Razor Pastel Pen

Take these cool pastel pens for example. If you buy 100-249 they cost $.31 each. But if you purchase 250-499 they only cost $.26 each.  And the price just keeps going down!
Now as great as pens are, I really didn’t need, nor want 100. If I was an actual business with people coming in and needing a writing utensil, they’d be great. I decided to check out their other products though.  I started looking at the mugs, but really I like my hospital jug, so I didn’t need that. Then I found it.
Tote Bags!  I personally feel you can never have enough tote bags. They work great for home organization, day trip diaper bags, book bags and more.  I loved how simple the ordering process was for the personalization. You just follow the prompts for what you want written, add the color, and upload a picture.
My only concern was after I ordered, I wasn’t sure if the picture I uploaded was going to turn out. I would love if they added a “preview” feature so you can have a better idea of what your product will look like. What if my picture was too big, or grainy, or I clicked the wrong picture during upload? 
Maybe I just worry too much, but a preview feature would make the site that much better.
 Do you like my new bags?

I decided to put a little twist on my tag line. Instead my “my” I put in “your”, because with these bags I get to help you organize your home!  Watch next week, because I’ll be giving away 2 of these!!
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*I received this product free for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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