Get a Free Disney Inspired Wax Tart from Pixie Vacations

Book with Pixie Vacations and receive a free Disney Inspired Wax Tart from Pixie Scents #sponsored

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This is a sponsored post. I am a member of the US Family Guide Bloggers. I was sent a free Wax Tart.

Weather got you down? Maybe now is the time to plan a vacation to Walt Disney World. When you book through Pixie Vacations you’ll get a free Wax Tart inspired by the sights and smells from Disney World. 


Book with Pixie Vacation and receive a free wax tart #sponsored

Are you getting ready to plan your 2016 spring or summer vacation? I recently heard about Pixie Vacations and am loving what I see so far. The staff are former Disney Park Cast Members and Vacation Planners. Pixie Vacations offer the same prices as if you book through Disney itself. The big difference I found, is that when you book through Pixie Vacations, if a cheaper price comes up, they’ll move your reservation to the better price!

When planning a vacation for a family of 6, finding the most inexpensive price is so important! One thing I really hate is when I buy something, and find a day or a week later that the price went lower. With Pixie Vacations you can book when you’re ready, and not worry that you’ll miss a good deal. 

Disney World 2016 Vacation Package Late Spring Vacation:
Booking Window: Feb. 29 – Mar. 31, 2016
Travel Window: Apr. 14 – Jun. 11, 2016

How to Book this Offer:
Contact a Pixie at
Phone: 678-815-1584

Amber Griswold (10) loves going to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. She’s also very crafty and after a recent vacation at Walt Disney World she decided to try and recreate her favorite scents from her trip in candles and wax tarts. So, she started with Disney snacks. Main Street Popcorn, Pineapple Whips, and even Turkey Legs. 


We were sent the Main Street Popcorn to try out. We pulled it out all sneaky like, and asked the kids to guess the smell.  You can tell we’ve never walked down Main Street with them or anywhere near a popcorn shop. They were guessing anything that looked yellow – banana? lemonade? 

I could smell the popcorn immediately, and finally gave up on the kids, and let them in on the scent. That was followed by “Oh yeah, that does smell like popcorn!” Silly kids. 

Now I have to keep my eye on Ambers scents, because I really want the Pinepple Whip next!

Each Disney inspired scent is available on her Etsy store.  She only makes one scent at a time and when it sells out it’s gone. You can make suggestions for the next scent you want her to make on her Pixie Scents Facebook page and when that limited batch is ready she puts them up on her Pixie Scents Esty shop.

Get a FREE Scent!

Now – October 1, 2016 Pixie Vacations is offering one of Amber’s Disney inspired snack scents as part of your Walt Disney World Vacation package. So if you are planning a Walt Disney World Vacation for 2016, go over to Pixie Vacations to get a quick no obligation Disney World vacation quote and the details for your Free Pixie Scent wax tart.

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