Plan a Successful Family Reunion {Guest Post}

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My mom’s side of the family has a reunion every 4 years. I always loved getting together with my extended family and more so now that I’m older with kids. With my brother living across the country, we are hoping to start planning our own reunions with my siblings and parents soon.  I was excited when Melissa asked me if she could guest post on Planning Family Reunions.

With that intro, here’s Melisa

Six Steps to Take When Planning a Perfect Family Reunion This Year

Family reunions are an exciting and excellent way to keep in touch with your extended family. Family members can enjoy each other’s company, meet the newest members of the family, and catch up on each other’s lives. Planning a family reunion involves careful preparation to make sure everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest and to avoid any family drama. Here are six steps that you can take to make planning your reunion stress and problem free.

Confirm Who Will be Attending

The most important step is to confirm who is interested and will be attending the reunion. It is important to have a number of family members attending for all of the next steps. This might be difficult since most people won’t know if they’re free until there’s a set date, but at least get a lose number for how many are coming.

Set the Time, Date, and Location

This is a fun step to take, finding a location is number one. Local parks will most likely allow you to host for free, just call up your city and make sure that permits are taken care of, if needed. After the location is set, the time, and date are next, and everyone can have a say in these. You want everyone to be able to come, so everyone needs to be flexible and considerate. Ask everyone to vote through an email or choose the mode that fits most family members. Once you have this set, you can make the invitations, and you can purchase them online, print, and mail invitations or send evites if you have a tech-savvy family.

Choose a Theme

You want to give your party a theme so you can decorate, dress-up, or purchase items accordingly. Some popular themes for family reunions include, Hawaiian luau, black & white, vintage, 80’s style, and bright colors. Just take weather when choosing a theme, you don’t want everyone to be miserable if the temperature dips down, and everyone’s in shorts.

Delegate Work

It is impossible to do all the planning and work yourself, so once you have the basics set, start delegating responsibilities to other family members that are willing to help. You can assign the food, decorations, party favors, and confirmation calls to different volunteers.

Place Your Orders

Make sure everything that you will need is ordered and purchased, you can go online and look for party favors to give away at the reunion. Some popular favors are personalized rubber band bracelets, or a small bag of cookies, or customized t-shirts. If you want everyone to contribute to the cost of the reunion, you should start crunching numbers and sending everyone an email on what amount they will have to pay to attend.

Confirm and Make Checklists

You want to confirm attendance with everyone at least one week prior to the event to make sure there are no last minute changes. Make checklists of things that you need to take with you the day of the reunion to ensure that you have everything you need on that day.

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